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Diary of a Badman Breaks Stereotypes

Shereita Grizzle July 2015

Ahead of the premiere of his movie, Diary of a Badman, United States-based filmmaker Diemiruaye Deniran said it was a must-see. And on Wednesday night, Jamaicans showed up at the Courtleigh Auditorium in New Kingston to see why. It was evident that the director was not the only one who has a high opinion of the the film, which on Saturday was named Best Narrative Feature.

"The audience cheers could be heard out on the street."



American filmmaker Diemiruaye Deniran made Diary of A Badman on what many directors showing at TIFF would consider pin money. What made the audience so supportive was that underneath this bang-bang shoot 'em-up film was a story that dealt with issues that resonant in a Black Live Matters America.

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