Meet The Director

Diemiruaye Deniran was born and raised in London, England.  He now resides in the US, where he has lived since 1996.  He is an experienced entertainer, writer and film director/producer.

Diemiruaye is self-taught in nearly all aspects of his craft as a entertainer and filmmaker.  In addition to countless musical projects as a solo artist and featured in collaborative groups, he has written and produced several independent film projects, such as the web series Sexamacation, the movie Kuwsh, the short film, The Transaction, the sci-fi thriller Soul Remover, Reserve Notes and The Diary of a Badman.

Actors and crew that have worked with him on the set have purported him as being "demanding, yet extremely effective".  Like any great director, those that have had the pleasure of working with him express his uncanny abilities to bring out the best in his talent as well as depict a masterful interpretation of what he captures on his cameras.

His integrity and work ethic are only outmatched by his creativity, which has been evident since his earliest works when he was just beginning in the entertainment and film industries.  One of his ultimate goals as a film producer is to provide a profitable business model for independent professionals to take advantage of without the risk of being exploited or undervalued.

“When I begin a project, my goal is to finish it the very same day I started it. So imagine what kind of energy and force I put into reaching my goal”