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Ojanoma is a tale of true love, fate, and trickeries of time. An only child and orphan, Ojanoma, is sent to live with her aunt and two daughters. In this strange and unfamiliar place, the impressionable seventeen-year-old realizes the cousins’ wicked intentions, leaving Ojanoma feeling abandoned. A unique necklace, her only possession once owned by her great grandmother, reveals Ojanoma’s destiny. 

Ojanoma is not one story but a franchise. Many tales will come out of this movie, such as the story of Uzen, his beginnings, and what made him turn heartless. Then there is the incredible story of the great war between Zu-kain and King Ogarandukun. And last but certainly not least is the saga of Nar, who comes from a group of beings called Narites. They can create fire in their hands and foretell the future.